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IDEA Fellows

The WVU IDEA Fellows is a two year program where interested faculty from across the university submit proposals to either create a new course or modify an existing course to include principles of innovation, design and entrepreneurship. The courses are interdisciplinary in nature and are housed in various colleges across the university. Faculty Fellows are selected by competitive process and receive extensive training on teaching entrepreneurship. The faculty form a cohort and meet monthly to work on cross-disciplinary programming and act as champions for entrepreneurship across the campus.  

IDEA Fellow Courses

IDEA Fellows are selected by a completive process to develop entrepreneurship- and innovation-based courses 

CHEM 493B – From Innovation to Industry (Drs. Jonathan Boyd & Stephen Valentine) 

ARE 493A – Social Enterprise Development (Dr. Cheryl Brown) 

WGST 393B – Women and Food (Dr. Kasi Jackson) 

ART/JRL 472 – Advanced Interactive Design (Dr. Jeffrey Moser) 

MUSC 491 002 – Professional Field Experience (Dr. Darko Velichkovski) 

ENTR 591 – Entrepreneurial Mindset (Dr. Elizabeth Vitullo) 

IENG 493A/593A – Product Service Systems (Dr. Thorsten Wuest)