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About the Hub

With a robust culture of Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship Applied across West Virginia University, the WVU IDEA Hub connects students, faculty, staff and members from the community to the colleges, units and programs that drive bold transformative initiatives in the classroom and laboratories, across West Virginia and beyond. 

This is a demo day contestant showcasing their product. Contestant is seated and looking a screen with image of product.

WVU’s IDEA Hub facilitates a connected culture that builds an entrepreneurial mindset to encourage innovation, growth and resiliency to improve the education and prosperity of West Virginia and the greater community.

This is an image of a demo day contestant. There is a computer screen in the background with an hourglass being displayed with the text  "time is running out"

Through bold transformative initiatives, WVU’s IDEA Hub will harness capabilities within WVU to allow individuals to create opportunities for economic prosperity, innovation and entrepreneurship across the globe. 
This is a photo of the IDEA Hub Demo day. Presentation posters are in the background

Collaborate - We will work together to provide the highest level of opportunities for growth.

Disrupt - We encourage new ways of thinking to empower innovation.

Create - We seek to build a sustainable ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Transform - We cultivate new experiences to change mindsets to positively impact West Virginia and the greater community.

Contact IdeaHub:
Phone: (304)-293-9391